JP Mercado has done an excellent job with “Nos Liberamos” and “Principio Nuevo,” but I am always looking for other singers to perform my translations (especially male-female pairs), so if you want to sing one or more of them, please don’t hesitate and send me a recording so I can put it on this site (with your permission, of course).  Credit will always be given to the performers.

Nos Liberamos (Breaking Free)
performed by JP Mercado

Principio Nuevo (Start of Something New)
performed by JP Mercado

Nos Liberamos (Breaking Free) - duet
performed by employees of Gonzalo Moreno


Nos Liberamos - performed by Ruslan Volkovich

No Hay Más Tú y Yo - performed by Anitrcsyao


Principio Nuevo - performed by Mati Evan and Yesi Fontana